The reality of property management: people

At RenterUp, we talk with hundreds of landlords every week. You all provide us the best feedback on the realities of property management – it’s a people based business. We couldn’t agree more.

Our tenants have real-life issues, our homes need people to repair them, and often our jobs require us to negotiate on rent, in real time. For example, this summer, I had an air-conditioning unit go out at one of my homes in middle Georgia. Summers in Georgia are serious and my A/C units have a knack for picking the hottest days to fail. In immediate response to the issue, I sent out a technician to repair the unit but he took three days to get the job done because of a special part he had to order. For my tenant’s trouble, I provided them a discount on their rent for that month – I can’t afford to lose my best tenants.
The point is that many property managers I speak with try to challenge me by saying, “software (like RenterUp) can’t manage your homes.” Of course it can’t – there’s a human element to property management. In fact, one of the challenges the RenterUp team is working to solve in 2016 is one-time rent adjustments within the app. It seems like a small feature, but being able to very simply adjust a tenant’s rent due is very valuable for many landlords.
We agree, property management is a people-centric business, but there are efficiencies to be gained by automating as much as you can with this job. One less thing to think about! Do you agree?