All in the name of fun; #RidiculousRent aims to showcase the most extravagant rental homes on the globe. At RenterUp we appreciate fine real estate and aspire to own and rent high end homes…..and these homes take the cake!

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Summer in Sagaponack #RidiculousRent



Sagaponack, New York, is one of the most expensive zip codes in the United States, and we can see why. At just $175,000/month, you can rent this luxurious 7 bedroom, 7.5 bath mansion. However, this private getaway is only available for the summer months, making this investment all the more worth it. I guess the cost of rent will leave room in your pocket for all of the summer barbeques that you’ll be hosting by your heated gunite pool!

This masterpiece of a home includes everything you could ever want, making it virtually impossible to rent for just the short interval of August through Labor Day. With a billiards room, bar, private wine cellar and tasting room, home theatre, and gym, no one will ever want to leave. Those amenities are just a few of what’s available, not including your own private address. I would hope that you are renting this property out with a few of your friends, because 7 bedrooms for 1 person is a little ridiculous!

So if you get that bonus at work you’ve been dreaming of or you finally win the Powerball Jackpot in the near future, let me know and we can venture to Sagaponack this summer before we have to return to our normal lives and empty wallets.


See table below for more info:

Neighborhood Sagaponack
Bedrooms 7
Bathrooms 6 full, 3 half
Square feet 7,000
Rent/ month $175,000
Rent/square feet $25.00
Rent period Month
Lot 1.56 acres
Year built 2007
Structure type Modern
Pets allowed N/A
Garage 2 garage bays
Air conditioning Central
Basement Finished
View type Pond, yard
Design features 4 fireplaces, hardwood flooring
Appliances Dishwasher

Spa/hot tub, hi-speed internet, heated/inground pool, master bedroom suite with summetrical sun room, zen rock garden, patio, pond, private terraces, billiard room, bar, private wine celler, tasting room, home theatre, gym

Amenities All

From Kazakhstan to American…$55k per month! :: #RidiculousRent


Have you ever been to Kazakhstan? I haven’t. I am trying to imagine what $55,000 USD could possibly get you in the former Soviet state. I honestly have no idea! Perhaps this is a sign there are simply not enough Kazakhstan-focused episodes on HGTV’s House Hunters International.

Anyway, since the Soviet breakup in 1991, I am guessing that Kazakhstan has been doing quite well…..well, at least it appears their royalty is doing well.  As reported by Katherine Clarke in this NY Daily News article, the president’s nephew, Daniyar Nazarbayev is trying to lease his 4,200 sf apartment at the Plaza Hotel for $55,000 per month. The story gets richer (excuse the pun), so you might enjoy reading the NY Daily’s piece here:

Here’s to moving on up!

Babies, Weddings, and a $40k/month rental :: Jennifer Aniston’s RidiculousRent




It appears Jennifer Aniston and her special friend, Justin Theroux, have a lot going on at the moment. Allegedly the couple is pregnant, engaged, and in the middle of a remodel. Can you imagine the stress of it all? A remodel with a baby and wedding to plan?

To ease the burden, I recommend they rent something nice. Something really nice. Oh look, they have rented something……something very expensive! Aniston and Theroux apparently paid $40k per month for this amazing LA home – Are you as curious as I am about the pool area after the baby arrives? What will it look like after it’s surround by baby-proof fencing?

Enjoy the pictures of this amazing rental home here, on or on


Park City. Is it ski season yet? #RidiculousRent

3623 Oakwood Ct, Park City (

Obviously I have a passion for a lot of different cities. Park City has a special place in my heart because I lived there for a while in college. Needless to say, it has changed a lot since the mid-nineties, but I always enjoy going back.

I found a nice rental in The Oaks subdivision of Park City which sits between Deer Valley and Park City Mountain; a really nice location. With 6 bedrooms, 6 baths, and 7,000 square feet for $8,000 per month, this home is far from our most ridiculous rental home we’ve ever explored. Nevertheless it qualifies for Ridiculous Rent!

Enjoy the details on Zillow here:

Beach living on Oahu. #RidiculousRent

84-197 Makau Street ( have recently been inspired by the HGTV show, Hawaii Life, and have since been in a Hawaiian state of mind. It is fun to dream of living and raising a family in such a paradise! Maybe one day……maybe. (although, truth be told, you will actually find me in Tuscany if my lottery ticket is ever announced)

In Hawaii, on Oahu to be exact, I discovered quite a nice place for your beach living dreams. 6 bedrooms and 3 baths with 3,500 square feet of remodeled beach front living for $19,500 per month.

Enjoy the details on Zillow here:

My favorite place on earth. #RidiculousRent

Villa Alba ( you have been following Ridiculous Rent for any time now, you may notice I really enjoy curating these incredible properties. Recently we have turned our attention overseas, thus opening up some really fascinating homes for us to explore. Today, we go to my father’s homeland in Italy. Honestly, my favorite place on earth. There are tons of homes to choose from but I thought I would pick this one because of its location, decor, views, and……I could go on and on. Villa Alba is a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom stone farmhouse in Montalcino, in the heart of Tuscany. Our Ridiculous Rent home rents for between $3,500-$5,500 per NIGHT. Let’s play with the math and rent this for one year at an average price of $4,500. That is $1,602,000 per year or $133,500 per month. Neither words nor pictures can adequately describe or illustrate the beauty of this region. Perhaps this home is a little too expensive to stay a month or so, but I still suggest you visit the area. You will not regret it. Enjoy this home’s details on Luxury Retreats here:

Wintering in Wellington, my dear. #RidiculousRent

14397 Equestrian Way ( you like horses and follow the equestrian scene then you may know about Wellington, Florida.

Originally the world’s largest strawberry patch, Wellington was simply a swampland located about 20 minutes west of Palm Beach. Somehow, someway this swampland developed into the (no, THE) global epicenter for equestrian pursuits. For several winter months of every year you will find a gathering of the wealthiest people on the earth riding and showing off the most expensive horses you can imagine. It is spectacular, surreal scene.

Horses need homes too, so when you winter in Wellington, you cannot stay at the local Motel 8 and leave your million dollar steed in your trailer. You need to rent a farm. A nice farm. We found one for you!

Your staff (yes, your staff) only gets 2 bedrooms and 2 baths with 1,500 square feet, but your horses get 10 stalls and 6 acres to frolic to their hearts’ content! The cost of this luxury? $120,000 per month. Feel free to bring you cats and dogs!

Enjoy details on Zillow here:

Say yes to A La Mer. #RidiculousRent

A La Mer (

Do you like the Caribbean? I do. And I truly love the beauty of St. John. It is amazingly beautiful and relatively unspoiled, offering a quiet place to get away with your friends and/or family – perfect for your luxury vacation! Today I was in the mood for a vacation, so I thought we should explore ridiculous rental vacation homes. I think we found a keeper!

Today’s dream home is honestly more of a compound. A nine room compound. A La Mer consists of nine rooms perched directly on Cruz Bay with a private beach and what they claim to be the biggest pool on the island. This home rents nightly between $4,786 and $6,857 per night (yes, per night). Let’s have fun with this and calculate what the potential rent would be for 356 nights at an average of $5,821.50. Are you ready to pay $2,072,454 per year or $172,704.50 per month for this home? That’s why it is on RidiculousRent.

Start saving and have enjoy a look at this home on Luxury Retreats, here:

Stuck in California #RidiculousRent

Santa Barbara (credit:

I cannot seem to get out of California for #RidiculousRent. Too easy to find homes there, I guess.

Today’s home is in beautiful Santa Barbara with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and 3,600 square feet. Have a look at the details of this beautiful home on Zillow here:

You might be a millionaire if… #RidiculousRent


9353 Nightingale Drive (credit


It’s quite possible I am having too much fun with this #RidiculousRent thing (I just noticed I had posted this same house last week). That should tell you how enamored with it I am! I think they released new pictures since last week because I was shocked by what I saw.

So, if you are a millionaire and want to live like a billionaire, you might consider renting this 4 bedroom home overlooking Los Angeles for $75,000 per month.

The contemporary details of this home are jaw-dropping; I hope you will have a look on Zillow here:

What do you think?