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Vacancies hurt. Wrong tenants hurt more.

Vacancies hurt! I’m convinced that a property manager’s biggest fear is a vacancy. You have a nice tenant that pays on time and then the dreaded, “we will not be renewing our lease.” I personally have a vacancy approaching for one of my rental homes and I’m certainly not looking forward to paying that mortgage […]

Assigning late rent fees? Check state laws first.

We talk a lot about late rent fees and incentives at RenterUp and sometimes I forget that people live in different states with different laws pertaining to late rental payments, fees, and discounts…. In California, Equity Residential, a property owner with about 25,000 units is currently undergoing a class action lawsuit for excessive fees, which alleges the landlord generates […]

Cash is dead.

OK, Cash is not really dead, but undoubtedly, the usage of cash is diminishing. In our quest to simplify rental management, we talk with a lot of landlords and property managers and they love to talk about the challenges of dealing with cash. Yes, cash for rental payments. The numbers are interesting. Approximately 10% of the US […]

Is Cash Flow King?

Last week I was talking with a fellow-landlord, Kevin Sandlin, and we began discussing his rental property. His tenants are moving out and he is considering whether it was good time to sell his rental property or just hold on to it. His preference is to sell now but he is concerned about trying to sell it this […]

From Kazakhstan to American…$55k per month! :: #RidiculousRent

Have you ever been to Kazakhstan? I haven’t. I am trying to imagine what $55,000 USD could possibly get you in the former Soviet state. I honestly have no idea! Perhaps this is a sign there are simply not enough Kazakhstan-focused episodes on HGTV’s House Hunters International. Anyway, since the Soviet breakup in 1991, I am guessing that […]

Convenience Incentives as a remedy to your Fee Allergy

Like most grandfathers, mine had a handful of quirky quips that were perpetually repeated. My grandfather’s favorite seemed to be, “I’m allergic to fees.” Allergic to fees. Last week I was discussing RenterUp with a property manager, Rick, and we started discussing a point I mentioned in a previous blog (Stop Chasing Checks) about changing the […]