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Summer in Sagaponack #RidiculousRent

Sagaponack, New York, is one of the most expensive zip codes in the United States, and we can see why. At just $175,000/month, you can rent this luxurious 7 bedroom, 7.5 bath mansion. However, this private getaway is only available for the summer months, making this investment all the more worth it. I guess the […]

Tips For Drafting a Lease

Completely clueless when it comes to drafting a lease? Don’t be! With our guide, you’ll have a clear and concise lease in no time.  Remember—states’ laws differ greatly, so be sure and check on your local laws. What is legal in one state could be unconscionable in another. A “strong” lease: It is a known […]

Top Legal Mistakes For Landlords to Avoid

Being a landlord can be tough, but at the same time very rewarding.  There are numerous things to keep in mind, but not all are self-explanatory.  To help direct you along the way, we’ve compiled a list of our top legal mistakes steer clear of, because a liability issue is probably the last thing you […]

You MUST pay rent online!

Obviously, the RenterUp team is passionate about paying rent online. To us, it simplifies everything for both the tenant and the property manager. For the tenants, no more digging for checks, envelopes, and stamps. The value for property managers is even greater: there are no more checks, cash, or money orders to be lost or stolen; there […]

Property managers are a creative lot.

My job entails discussing rent with property managers – lots and lots of property managers. Every conversation I have seems to uncover some tactic about rent payments I have not yet considered. I must admit, I seriously underestimated the creativity of property managers as it pertains to rent payment solutions. (Yes, I just called property managers creative.) For example, one property manager I […]

Is Cash Flow King?

Last week I was talking with a fellow-landlord, Kevin Sandlin, and we began discussing his rental property. His tenants are moving out and he is considering whether it was good time to sell his rental property or just hold on to it. His preference is to sell now but he is concerned about trying to sell it this […]

Convenience Incentives as a remedy to your Fee Allergy

Like most grandfathers, mine had a handful of quirky quips that were perpetually repeated. My grandfather’s favorite seemed to be, “I’m allergic to fees.” Allergic to fees. Last week I was discussing RenterUp with a property manager, Rick, and we started discussing a point I mentioned in a previous blog (Stop Chasing Checks) about changing the […]