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Top 3 Landlord Checklists: The Value of Process

I admit it, I’m not the most organized person in the world. However, being an effective property manager or landlord is tricky for anyone lacking discipline, so during my years of managing rentals and talking with hundreds of property managers, I have learned to rely on a few checklists that help me keep my investments […]

The reality of property management: people

At RenterUp, we talk with hundreds of landlords every week. You all provide us the best feedback on the realities of property management – it’s a people based business. We couldn’t agree more. Our tenants have real-life issues, our homes need people to repair them, and often our jobs require us to negotiate on rent, […]

Shifting the narrative.

Last night we demoed RenterUp to a full-house crowd of about 400 people at Atlanta Startup Village. We had 5 minutes to introduce ourselves and walk through our product – it is a lot of ground to cover in a short period of time. After the demo, we were given 5 minutes for Q&A from […]

Gimme Shelter! Five Tax Deductions for Property Owners

Happy Tax Day! Are you looking for deductions, tax shelters, tax havens, any kind of tax relief? I certainly am…. Guess what? Rental properties are ripe with tax deductions to help relieve you of your annual tax burden. I am not an accountant but I do have my favorite deductions which provide low-hanging fruit-rationale for […]

5 Simple Steps to migrating from SparkRent to RenterUp

  Change is never fun. It’s especially not fun when it involves changing your ability to receive rent payments. Since SparkRent’s recent announcement, we have received hundreds of calls and emails about our features, capabilities, and the work involved to migrating to RenterUp. I thought it best to distill it down to 5 easy steps, which take about […]

Late Fees. Better Late than Never.

Late fees. I wish I could tell you that all of my tenants pay their rent on time and, therefore, I don’t have to deal with late fees. Sadly, it’s just not the case for me. I love hearing from different property managers about how they handle their late fees. I hear everything from “I […]

No vacancy means no polar vortex. This rental market is hot.

  Don’t take my word for it. A simple Google search will provide you with a bevy of data to support the claim there will be no polar vortex for the US rental market this winter…..it is hot, hot, hot. (The question is…..for how long?) Let’s start with Zillow’s January press release. According to their findings, […]

Vacancies hurt. Wrong tenants hurt more.

Vacancies hurt! I’m convinced that a property manager’s biggest fear is a vacancy. You have a nice tenant that pays on time and then the dreaded, “we will not be renewing our lease.” I personally have a vacancy approaching for one of my rental homes and I’m certainly not looking forward to paying that mortgage […]

Assigning late rent fees? Check state laws first.

We talk a lot about late rent fees and incentives at RenterUp and sometimes I forget that people live in different states with different laws pertaining to late rental payments, fees, and discounts…. In California, Equity Residential, a property owner with about 25,000 units is currently undergoing a class action lawsuit for excessive fees, which alleges the landlord generates […]

Cash is dead.

OK, Cash is not really dead, but undoubtedly, the usage of cash is diminishing. In our quest to simplify rental management, we talk with a lot of landlords and property managers and they love to talk about the challenges of dealing with cash. Yes, cash for rental payments. The numbers are interesting. Approximately 10% of the US […]